Runa stands out as the leading platform for payroll and benefits

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It is a tool focused on offering administrative solutions to the human resources department, facilitating automated payroll payment, benefits control and employee activity management. From its platform, it allows you to keep an updated record of each employee’s profile and choose the best work benefits, with agreements with insurance companies, food voucher agencies and accountants.


Runa Software Features

  • Automate the calculation and payment of employee salaries.
  • Register workers in the social security registry from its platform.
  • Cross-check attendance and work data to keep payroll up to date.
  • Includes a tool for creating reports that facilitates decision-making regarding the work team.

When it is appropriate to select this software

Choose Runa if you have a large workforce that requires efficient control of incidents, payments, attendance and absences. Also if your human resources team manages the financial aspect of the company.

Worky stands out as a comprehensive Free Telemarketing Leads Download solution that simplifies both human resources and payroll processes. This human capital management tool allows you to track incidents, monitor employee performance, and use this data in payroll calculations. Featured by Capterra in 2023 for its excellent user-friendliness, Worky leads the human resources software market in Mexico, with worldwide availability.

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Features of Worky software

  • Manage the allocation of bonuses and commissions to keep employee payments up to date.
  • Control attendance, permits and disabilities from a single platform.
  • It offers a time clock and attendance registration by geolocation.
  • Contains integrated calendar tools and work environment reports.

When to choose this software:  This is ideal if you are looking for an easy-to-use platform with all the basic human capital management features. It Chicago Business is also ideal for companies in a home office or remote format that require employee authentication and tracking.

3. Oracle

Oracle Cloud HCM is a cloud-based tool designed to streamline workforce management in large companies with a global presence. Its goal is to centralize information to keep data and performance of each employee up to date in real time. It also offers workflow management, the assignment of specific tasks to employees, and the creation of efficient and organized work environments. It is also ideal for maintaining control of payments and finances.

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